Leyla Balakhane is an experienced mediator, who specializes in divorce and family law matters.

  • Parenting Plans and Revisions
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division: Family Homes, Businesses, Retirement Plans
  • Post Divorce Issues
  • Other Family and Relationship Issues

Mediation Experience

Leyla is currently serving on the Los Angeles Bar Association’s Mandatory Fee  Arbitration and Mediation panels. She also serves as a mediator with LA Mediate and Pamela Britton White Mediation Services where she handles family law cases, such as division of assets and debts, parental agreements, and child and spousal support. She has served on the Los Angeles Superior Court Random Select Panel and as a coach for Mosten Mediation and Collaborative Training, providing training to other professionals.

Leyla has mediated high conflict disputes, including divorce, civil harassment, employment disputes, real estate, business, professional malpractice, and commercial disputes. She is a certified mediator for the California Academy of Mediation Professionals (CAMP) and a mediator/mentor and an evaluator for the Center for Conflict Resolution. In addition, she previously served as a panel mediator and an evaluator and coach for the Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Program.

Leyla also provides legal assistance at Jenesse Center Inc., for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders. She has collaborated as a mediator directly with the District Attorney’s Office via the Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Program to provide Victim-Offender Mediation (VOM). As a VOM mediator, Leyla offered victims the chance to face their offenders in a safe and structured setting.


Leyla received extensive training in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) from Pepperdine School of Law, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Center for Civic Mediation, Santa Clara Dispute Resolution Program, Seeds Community Resolution Center, Centinela Youth Services, Center for Conflict Resolution, Southern California Mediation Association, American Institute of Mediation, and the Los Angeles County Department Of Consumer Affairs. She has also received family law training from the National Business Institute, where she became proficient in family law proceedings and learned techniques for handling divorces, custody arrangements, adoptions and other family-related legal matters. She is also an active member of the Southern California Mediation Association.


Leyla received her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution and Negotiation from California State Dominguez Hills, and was a recipient of the Distinguished Scholar’s Award. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University.

Style of Mediation

Leyla Balakhane is an experienced mediator whose practice focuses exclusively on family matters, divorce and parenting issues. She empowers her clients to explore options that are tailored toward the individual needs of their family. Rather than having a resolution imposed by a court, her clients can shape their family’s future, explore the best possible outcomes, negotiate appropriate compromises and directly participate in the decision making process. Her approach to mediation is to be present and flexible. She responds to the needs of the parties in the moment, whatever they may be. While the methods may change with each family, Leyla remains authentic and present with people during a stressful and difficult time.

As a neutral party, Leyla creates a safe space for families to address the underlying issues that can lead to breakdowns in communication. Through constructive dialogue, she guides families and parents toward positive and practical solutions. She assists parties to let go of grievances and guides them to willingly co-parent in a way that benefits their children rather than continue from a place of anger and frustration.